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If you are a dreamer and want to turn your passions into business, I am here to make you look good.

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About Me

I am Sebastian Mendez, a designer from Guatemala. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing from Jacksonville State University.

My latest obsessions are working with bootstrap, email marketing and industrial design. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, experiencing different cultures and reading the news to keep up with what is trending.

"We all win when we think big about design"

I got
The skills

During the course of pursuing my undergraduate degree, I was an intern as a graphic designer/front web developer for the Marketing Department at Jacksonville State University and Media Director for the YMCA in Montgomery. I am passionate about brand identity, user experience, visual communications and marketing.









My Works


Vulcan Wine

Graphic Design

This project should appeal to the Birmingham Zoo co-branding with the Vulcan Wine Company. This project is dedicated to the donors of the Birmingham Zoo. Design inspiration from choosing wines that will identify animals’ characteristics.

Client: Birmingham Zoo and Vulcan Wine Company.
Target: Birmingham Zoo donors.

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U.N. Day Tea

Graphic Design

This project appealed to the annual United Nations Day Tea sponsored by the International House Program of Jacksonville State University (JSU). On this day, international students from all around the world come together and host people from JSU and the city of Jacksonville to share a day of cultural exchange, music and food.

Client: Jacksonville State University, International House Program.
Target: Alumni, students from Jacksonville State University and city of Jacksonville, Ala.

Selected Logos

Graphic Design

Selection of various personal and client logos created in the last four years.

Welcome to Office 365


Info-graphic video prepared for Jacksonville State University Department of Technology. I emphasized the video with the main important aspect of Jacksonville’s new email provider, which includes extra features like a personal cloud account (Drive) and tools (Microsoft Office, Skype and more).

Client: Jacksonville State University Department of Technology

Target: Jacksonville State University students

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Cardboard stool

Industrial Design

Project developed while studying at the University Rafael Landivar in Guatemala City. The main goal of the project consisted of making a seat from recycled cardboard.

The project had a limited budget of $150 to spend on research and prototype. Inspired by the shape of pyramids, I learned that this figure with three faces could absorb enough force. By inverting two pyramids I got better results for stronger resistance. I made a durable and resistant stool using packing tape, which held the entire structure, and varnishing with several layers of wood glue.

The project exceeded the goals. The prototype and research cost $50, a stool which resists up to 250 pounds (standing or sitting) , 100% recycled cardboard, and after five years the prototype still works.

Dog Walker

Industrial Design

This projects was an initiative to create a product to be mounted in a bike.

The main challenge for this project was using a bike as the main hub, and it had to be adaptable to all types of bikes without interfering the bikers movement.

My project was focused on people devoted to dog walking.

View on Youtube

Segway Tours

Web Design

Parallax web interface for a Segway rental tour website from Antigua Guatemala

In this project I created a mock-up using four pages and parallax web design. Main purpose for the client was to attract customers and set up appointments for the tours offered. Design is adaptable to different devices.

View on Behance

USA Today

Web Design (Redesign)

This case study was conducted to visually improve how USA Today distributed mobile articles.

In redesigning I focused more on readability of the article and discretion for the ads.

The hierarchy of the content divided from top to bottom.

  • Top-banner and header (newsletter, search and log-in)
  • Main menu and weather (color of weather represents temperature)
  • Image of article
  • Title and article
  • Authors’ picture and information
  • Sponsored Ad (Ads may have relationship with article’s plot)
  • Recommended articles (From gathering cookies showcase articles relative to readers interests
  • Footer


Web/Graphic Design

Project developed for Jacksonville State University, 2015 Senior Show. The objective and goals of Aparadise were to increase tourists’ awareness of the state of Alabama through digital and print media. The project was titled A-paradise: “Alabama’s Unofficial Tourist Guide”

To reach this goal, the project was divided in two main design branches - digital and print media. Maintaining visual cohesiveness within the work was also a major concern.

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